Teacher to Translator

The goal of this course is to provide you with information and tips on starting your career as a freelance translator. We will provide practical knowledge and insider tips to help you get started.
This course is designed for those of you who already have the language skills required to consider this change in career. We focus on the business of translation, not the art of translation itself.


Starting date

Open enrollment


10 hours



Take this course if...

  • you are a language teacher looking to explore a pivot into the translation industry.
  • you have the language skills required to become a translator, but don't know where to start.
  • you are a new translator and want to find more clients and learn how to keep them happy.
  • you are looking for a community of other translators with whom you can share resources and tips.
  • you are not a teacher but are interested in learning about starting a career in translation - this course is for you, too!

Our team

Meet the instructors

Susan Curl
Cofounder, Curl Translations

Susan Curl, cofounder of Curl Translations, has operations and sales experience in the U.S., Spain, and the Middle East. 

Susan manages many of Curl’s key accounts and is responsible for the company’s entry into new sectors. She has secured a number of high-profile accounts and strategic partnerships.
Pamela Boyle
Cofounder, Curl Translations

Pamela Boyle, cofounder of Curl Translations, knows the translation industry inside-out.
With a strong background in project management and a keen eye for detail, she manages a global team of translators, editors, and post-production vendors. Pamela oversees quality control, operational and back-end processes for Curl Translations.

Rani Doyon
Director of Business Development, Curl Translations

Rani has a wide skillset and impressive professional background. Having worked for many years as a financial lines underwriter, she is Curl's internal insurance industry expert. Thanks to her years of international business experience, she successfully manages client relationships and linguistic teams in multiple languages and markets.

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